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Quantum Jujitsu Demo with Sensei Jeremy Corbell

To buy DVD’s go to This is a DEMO ladies and gentlemen, it is for entertainment. Enjoy. Quantum Jujitsu is a MMA style that involves sport, street and art. If you would like to lean more, go to

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25 Responses to “Quantum Jujitsu Demo with Sensei Jeremy Corbell”

  • killthequiet:

    @mzhady but jujitsu looks much cooler and is more notorious when ur sitting in prison for murder

  • Roboticreset:

    Great vid

  • wally2296:

    Anyone can shoot a gun and kill someone. Just because someone practices martial arts doesn’t mean they don’t know how to use a gun or that they don’t carry one. I have been a martial artist for over 10 years and I train firearms just as much as my martial arts and I have a ccw licenses so not only can I shoot an attacker that fucks with me I can beat their ass with my fist and feet as well :)

  • BloodyRSVids:

    @mzhady thats why most cops are fat :|

  • Jason66601:

    this is SJJ , Spiderman Jiu-jitsu .

  • frestilful:

    Most of these techniques are “scissors” tecniques from jujutsu. They teach them in traditional jujutsu schools but dont encourage their use as theyre more showy than effective. Seems the video seeks more spectacularity than realism. Thats a black mark in my book

  • Adolfleo:


  • efrette:

    ufffff que mostrooooooooooooooo

  • MrDon275:

    Good for the movies, super cool in competitions and bad for da streets

  • sirsuave14:

    If you run into him in the streets dont let the alcohol take over just say “Im sorry”

  • MarcusArraleus:

    Hey Sensei, my name is…. OH SHIT!’n

  • Thydeepestfear:

    haha this is not martial arts. this is wasted movements on techniques that have already been proven to be affective in any situation. as a judo practitioner this another pathetic american attempt to make somthing “Better” when it never needed to be. look what they did with karate…..its a mere shadow of what it used to be here. and im american!!!!!

  • MrScarleteagle:

    just hit me and keep standing that position for a second

  • jmoney1941:

    Oh, I get it now. Basically, Quantum Jujitsu is a bastardization of techniques from wrestling, judo, bjj, and aikido, mixed together with some very basic gymnastics, all rolled up into one giant ball of impracticality, a sprinkle of theatrics, pseudo-spirituality, and marketed in a McDolo style format. Cool!


    @killthequiet martial arts is not only in Asia

  • TheLatinoSamurai:

    @JJJBuzzsaw Alot of the throws can be applied .

  • prettyboygerard:

    Thats pure beauty my friend I think its awesome

  • MaTTiiE48:

    @jmoney1941 No. This is ju-jitsu. It is also a demo. A demo is meant to be very flash, very acrobatic, as it is used to draw people in to learn it. Granted I doubt these would work in a street fight, but I do Ju-jitsu and it had saved me more than once.

  • overtenemy69:

    the idiot in the demo exspects everyone to stand there and no put theyre fists up

  • christopherjjang:

    cool moves, although it should be noted that a lot of these throws that have been demonstrated have the sub applied during, hence making them illegal for those who want to try these moves in competition. although they look kinda tough to pull off.

    again, cool moves.

  • hikoolyo:

    If hes that good at Jujitsu think how good he is at Tekken! :O

  • finleader:

    @overtenemy69 And are u really that stupid? Do you really think that the guy in this demo thinks that they would just stand there? maybe they are just show offing in this demo dumbass…

  • sammus193:

    i thought he did a flash kick at 0:28…

  • mahrizal85:


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